Mobnotate takes your ePub files, indexes the content and runs each book through our relevancy algorithm. This allows us to find the most relevant and related passages between all the books in your catalogue. Once we determine the best contextual, related matches, we enter links into your eBook files and ship them back to you.

When a reader opens the eBook, they will see a tiny publisher icon whenever we have found a related excerpt. We can control the amount of links we display (e.g. 1-3 per chapter etc..).

When a reader clicks that tiny icon, an excerpt and accompanying book cover will pop up. A reader now can read the excerpt and then choose learn more about the book that has been excerpted, or return to the book he or she is reading.

If a reader clicks "learn more" a product page will appear so they can read more about the book and purchase it. And yes, the link will automatically send a Kindle user to Amazon, or a Nook user to BN, etc.